Shakespeare once posed the question, “What’s in a name?” Apparently, your name can say a lot about you. Take, for example, Milwaukee, WI police officer Michael Vagnini whose badge was recently taken from him for conducting illegal body cavity searches on detainees. Coincidence, or inevitability?

In March, reports of officers conducting unlawful searches of suspects surfaced in Wisconsin. On Monday, after the initial police report from a July 2011 incident was made public, it was obvious that officers had been conducting these searches as a matter of routine. The officer had a reputation for forcing suspects to bend over for him so he could search them for drugs in very special places.

In Wisconsin, state law defines strip searches as searching “a detained person’s genitals, pubic area, buttock or anus, or a detained female person’s breast,” and states that a strip search can only be performed by a doctor, physician’s assistant or registered nurse. The law also requires written permission before a strip search is conducted, unless officers have probable cause to believe the suspect is hiding a weapon.

The released police report indicates that Vagnini conducted a field search himself without written permission, which means he could be found guilty of a sexual assault according to Wisconsin law.

We do feel bad for Officer V but perhaps the name does make people do crazy things. If he’s found guilty, he may have to change his name to Mallsecuritynini or perhaps he could just get into magic. You wouldn’t go see ‘The Great Vagnini’ at casino in Vegas?