Today was a first for me, I was able to watch the graduation of the recruit class 80 from the Shreveport Police Academy.

The graduation, held at Shreveport's State Exhibit Museum, was incredible and quite the event to witness. I have been present during a Marine Corps graduation in Parris Island, there's just something special to me about moments and events like this, and I enjoyed being there today.

211 applicants signed up to join the police academy for this class, of that, only 20 cadets graduated today. They simply are the best of the best, and we would love to wish them luck and send prayers their way as they embark on a rewarding, yet challenging career.

I was there today to honor one of my best friends, Lucas London Duron, and I know he will be a fine police officer for our city, as well as the 19 other graduates pictured.



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