In Perry County Illinois, the sheriff is on the lookout for some very creative con artists. According to KSLA, these inventive criminals will impersonate animal control to gain access to private areas.  These little so-and-sos do this in order to steal purebred dogs.

I can tell you from first hand experience that there is a huge black market for stolen dogs.  The emotional toll this takes on people who view their dogs as family is inexplicable.  We had our 3 year old miniature dachshund stolen a few years back and it was devastating.  We looked for Fudgey for weeks, and on one of these searches we found ourselves at Canton first Monday trades days.  There are so many unregistered dog sales going on there, it's almost certain that some stolen dogs are being peddled there.

Although no reports of this particular scam in the SBC, make sure your furry friends are safe when your not around.

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