It has often been said that "You can't fight City Hall." Apparently, in this case, you can't even concede to City Hall and expect them to honor their commitment after you've done exactly what they instructed.

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Truth be told, it appears to be an honest mistake, but in the balance of City Hall's error was the loss of all the memories of a Louisiana man when his entire childhood home was accidentally leveled.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

In an article from we first learned of the plight of Tony Wallace, a Baton Rouge homeowner who says the city made a huge mistake and accidentally tore down the home he grew up in.

A Few Years Ago, The Home Was In Violation Of City Codes

According to Tony, a few years ago, in April of 2020, the city's government sent him notice that his childhood home was in violation of several city codes.

After appearing before the Metro Council defending his position on those violations, the city advised him to simply tear down the back porch of the home and that would bring it back into code.

Wallace Did Exactly What City Hall Told Him To Do

As instructed, Wallace tore down the back porch and in August of 2022, the city removed the home from its condemnation list.

Evidently that memo didn't circulate to all the appropriate personnel, and city recently moved in and totally demolished the home.

City officials have instructed Wallace to file and claim and a spokesperson has stated that they will review their procedures to prevent another instance like this from occurring again in the future.

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