Chris Bain loves his wife and little girls. And he loves his community of Vivian. He also loves kids and his decision to incorporate both kids and Vivian, led him to become President of the local Athletic Association.

But that decision has brought on a huge workload. That workload, has gone un-noticed though. His wife, Danielle has been paying attention, and the admiration she expresses for Chris is inspiring to us all. Just see the nomination letter she sent us below. It will make it easy to understand why Chris was a shoe-in for this week's Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award.

When I think of this award I automatically think of Chris...He is the most loving, caring, compassionate person that I know...He does for others with no expectation in return...He has transformed our community of Vivian into a town that we are proud to be a part of...He is the President of the Athletic Association and with that has dedicated his love, heart, soul, sweat, tears, and time into making it a place others want to be. He would do anything for anyone and all he would ask for in return is to pay it forward...Chris loves our community and works hard for the children of Vivian to have a place to come and be a kid. I am proud to call him my husband and loving father to our two girls and couldn't think of anyone that would be more humbled to receive this award!

Chris Bain, thank you for being one of the "good guys" and a big reason why this is the greatest place in America to live!

And because you've been "Caught in the Act" the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you and the family to come have dinner on them!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Chris to let him know that he was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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