Did you know that the LSU mascot, the fighting Tigers, came from the nickname of an infantry troop from Louisiana for the Confederacy during the American Civil War?

Over the past few weeks, we've seen four Confederate monuments removed in New Orleans as well as quite a bit of discussion on what to do about the Confederate monument in front of our own Caddo Courthouse right here in Shreveport.

It seems as the movement to remove all historical ties to the Confederacy and the American Civil War in the south has progressed and the next target is LSU mascot. A petition has been started on Change.org titled Change the Racist Mascot of LSU. The petition asserts the LSU mascot 'is the most prevalent Confederate symbol in the United States.' The petition goes on to say that this infantry unit was known for their, 'propensity for violence both on and off the battle field.' 

At the time that I wrote this, the petition had 184 signatures in support of the 200 it was looking for... So if you support a name change, what would you rename the Tigers? The declawed house cats? The fuzzy puppies?

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