You probably heard Carly Pearce for the first time when Josh Abbott Band released his music video "Wasn't That Drunk" featuring Carly Pearce. Josh Abbott Band makes regular stops in SBC, at The Stage.

Recently Carly Pearce's hard work was used as an example of what a radio tour is like. "Radio tour is not for the weak: Inside the first step to country music stardom" The Washington Post didn't shy away from the fact that Pearce has a lot of pressure to "make it". 27 year old Carly Pearce left school early to pursue her music career and many of us are happy she did. Pearce just released her music video for "Every Little Thing" many of my girlfriends can't seem to get enough of the song. If you have yet to hear "Every Little Thing" on Kiss Country you can hear and see the music video here:

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