It's no secret that many of us are obsessed with Thomas Rhett and his genius writing skills. What is even more surprising is his ability to balance his growing family and his booming career! Thomas Rhett released a new song that has us all in our feels! When I first heard it I thought "the seetest love song ever they're planning a wedding!" As soon as the chorus hit I realized I was wrong. "but she don't wanna marry me".

"Marry Me" is probably one of the most romantic ways to share heartbreak. This song will get anyone in their feels. Thomas Rhett wrote "Marry Me" and claims there was a time when he and his wife Lauren almost married other people. They had broken up after High School and went their separate ways. Luckily for us, and Thomas Rhett's song influences they found a way back to each other and Thomas Rhett keeps throwing these amazing songs our way. "Marry Me" is NOT a wedding song! Watch the music video, although its sad, there is a glimmer of hope.

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