You know, this is what props are made for...

A music video was being filmed on a neighborhood street in Baton Rouge this week. That probably isn't too uncommon, after all, we love our music down here in Louisiana and we've given the world countless talented musicians and songwriters....

The problem here is the individuals featured in the music video weren't the brightest, clearly. For starters, a group of 15 or more blocked a neighborhood street to shoot the video, without a permit to close the road off. That will generally get local law enforcement's attention. To make matters worse, once officers showed up, they realized things were about to get real for everyone involved.

Not only were they shooting on a public neighborhood street, but they were also all holding guns... And yes, they were all real guns, which were all loaded and functional.

In total, fifteen weapons were seized and eight arrests were made. Five guns were assault rifles, and the others were handguns.

Oh, they also had drugs too.

Arrests were made for drug possession and possession of stolen firearms. One was arrested on an active warrant for home invasion and disturbing the peace.


Baton Rouge Police Department
Baton Rouge Police Department




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