Okay, so imagine you and your spouse are laying in bed and all of a sudden you hear a loud crash.  Obviously, you jump up and try to investigate the cause.  Burglar?  Nope?  Tornado? Nope.  And then you discover, THERE'S A CAR ON YOUR ROOF!  It really happened! According to HuffingtonPost A Fresno, California, towing company was called early Wednesday to remove a car that landed on the roof of a house after it went airborne during a crash. Police said the driver lost control in a turn, then hit a tree stump and somehow launched into the air and landed right side up on top of a house. John DeCicco, owner of Action Towing, said the company used its largest rig to get the car down. The driver reportedly suffered a broken leg. No one in the house was seriously injured.  Talk about a story to tell your grandkids!