Kellie Speed
Shreveport Police

Yesterday, Shreveport Police arrested Kellie Speed for rape after a female adult stepped forward with the accusation.  According to KSLA, the official complaint states that Kellie Speed allegedly “sexually raped victim without her consent or knowledge.’

Kellie Speed works as a counselor at Queensburgh Elementary, however police say that this incident has nothing to do with her position within the Caddo Parish School system or the school where she works.

As a parent, this scares me for 2 reasons.  First, my son is an elementary student.  It's hard enough to trust people you don't know very well with my greatest treasure.  I know it's for the best, but it's a little scary.  This kind of story makes me terrified at who might fall through the cracks and end up with contact, or worse - influence, on my son.

The best way to combat this fear is to get to know your kids teachers, administrators of the school, and any counselors that might have any contact with your little one.

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