When we experience winter weather in the Ark-La-Tex, the best thing you can say about it is that we are woefully unprepared to drive in snow and ice. We just aren't used to it down here, and when there is even the slightest chance that we get any frozen precipitation, the entire area goes on lock-down, everything closes, and they roll up the streets.

Well, not exactly, but we are warned.

This weekend, Shreveport-Bossier has a decent chance for snow/ice/sleet/yucky stuff, so the Caddo Parish Information Office has put together some tips on how we can survive the upcoming Snowpocalypse.

The Parish of Caddo urges motorists to utilize extreme caution during predicted winter weather conditions. As the cold weather and moisture begins to make its way across Caddo Parish Friday, January 6 throughout Saturday, January 7, please note that bridges and roadways may freeze and make traveling hazardous.

Elevated highways and bridges are especially susceptible to unsafe icing during prolonged freezing temperatures. Parish crews are prepared to sand roads and remove trees and other debris if needed should the predicted weather make its way across our area.

They go on to say that if you must drive, please utilize extreme caution. During winter weather conditions, motorists should follow these five safety tips:
-Drive slowly, carefully, and avoid driving while distracted
-Allow for extra driving time
-Reduce speeds when visibility is low
-Make sure there is plenty of room between vehicles
-Look out for black ice---a thin, transparent layer of ice accumulation that can be visually hard to detect on bridges, overpasses, off-ramps and in shady spots.

Motorists can access the latest updates on Parish road conditions and closures by visiting www.caddo.org.

Whatever you do, be safe out there! DO NOT end up like these poor people:

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