And now there's something new to worry about as you head into work each morning.  Don't accidentally forget to leave a half-full bottle of water in your car.  It could start a fire.  That just doesn't sound right does it?  A half full bottle of WATER could start a fire in your vehicle.

Don 't believe it?  Check out this video.

Apparently, the water in the clear water bottle can act just like a magnifying glass and with the hot summer sun beating down on it, could concentrate all that light onto a specific spot.  In all likelihood, you would probably just burn a hole in your upholstery, but what if the light shined on something flammable?  Something like a fast food paper sack or something else that might ignite and then catch everything else around it on fire.

Your ride home could become a flaming inferno just because you didn't finish that bottle of water you started on the way to work.

Course, if you ever find yourself in a "survival" situation, there are a ton of YouTube videos that show you how to take advantage of this possibility to start a fire for warmth or cooking.


So, now that I've got you thinking, did you leave a bottle of water in your car this morning?  Might want to go see!

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