A Memphis 13 year-old has gotten in trouble before about stealing. Natia’s mom cut off her cell phone recently. She decided she’d just get mom’s debit card and reactivate it, which netted additional punishment that has the sanction of her aunt, even if it seems extreme. Natia was made to stand on a Memphis street corner with a poster that says, “I steal from my family.”  She’s something of a modern day Hester Prynne, of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s literary work. It could be considered a severe application of corporal punishment, but not quite like being made to wear a big Scarlet Letter “A.” Or a pumpkin orange jumpsuit stenciled with the letters Memphis County JAIL. See more details and a video here - http://thefw.com/teen-forced-to-hold-sign

Corporal punishment, severe, perhaps, but not quite so severe as wearing a pumpkin orange jumpsuit stenciled with "JAIL."

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