The odds of this bet coming to fruition are pretty strong.

Buffalo Wild Wings may have to put their money wings where their mouth is. They may have just laid an egg they can't hatch. BWW may be clucked. Too much? Ok I'll stop.

According to Buffalo Wild Wings' website, "America's largest sports bar" is promising free wings for "everyone in America" if the big game on February 3 goes into overtime.

That sounds insane right? BWW is looking to pass out free snack-sized wings to everyone if the game goes beyond regulation. Should it happen, they will make good on their promise on February 18 between 4 and 7 p.m. local time only. Now, I have to be completely honest with you here as I've tried to capitalize on this "free food for all" phenomenon with other restaurants and was promptly told that they had "run out" of the promotional item.

Don't be surprised if this happens here.

That being said, an overtime is actually pretty likely in the championship game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. First off, each team had their conference championship game go into overtime, but this season. Second, there were 15 games this NFL season alone that were extended after regulation play hit 0:00.

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