I don’t even know where to start with last night’s episode of The Bachelor. Nick and the remaining contestants headed to New Orleans for what turned out to be a lot of craziness.

Nick had a one on one date with Rachel, the lawyer from Dallas and that was pretty standard with a trip to the French Market, street dancing, a trip to Mardi Gras World to see the floats and beignets at Café Du Monde.

Then came the group date to a haunted house which turned out to Houmas House… Not only did Nick and the girls play with a quija board, they explored the house by candle light with lots of scares including moving chairs, disappearing dolls and falling chandeliers. It was clear most of the scares were staged…

Then came the two on one date with Corinne and Taylor. That’s when the real craziness started. The three ventured into the swamp to hang out with some voodoo priestesses. Taylor ended up getting the boot after a pretty anticlimactic showdown… then Taylor ended up staying in the swamp being anointed and prayed over by the priestesses. The show ended on a cliff hanger with Taylor showing up later in the night bent on revenge, surprising Corinne and Nick who continued on their date. Could both of the women be going home now? They certainly made it seem like a possibility!

All this craziness almost makes the fact that Sarah and Astrid were eliminated in the opening rose ceremony a footnote! Also, can’t forget that our favorite girl from Arkansas, Raven, professed her love to Nick! Either way, they’ve got me hooked and I’ll be waiting in front of my TV next Monday at 7pm sharp!

For a serious belly laugh, check out Jena Johnston's Bachelor recap from last night!

BTW, here's an exclusive I found online... It's interesting to see who Nick names as his top three women... actually, more interesting to hear who he omitted!


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