Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Shreveport Police Department's Recruiter! Women all over Shreveport and the surrounding areas are wanting to become some of Shreveport's finest. Can you imagine having Corporal Pollitt as a co-worker? The distraction would be too much to handle.

After we posted our own version of "Savage" dedicated to Officer Pollitt, we quickly figured out that we have a gem in Shreveport, yes, the Shreveport Police Department has the biggest weapon in history, a sexy recruiter. And the question came up, what if Officer Peter was the next "Bachelor"?

Peter Pollitt
Peter Pollitt

After all the thirsty comments started flying onto our Facebook page, we got to thinking. Imagine if a heartthrob like Corporal Peter Pollitt went on "The Bachelor?" All of a sudden everyone would be all about backing the blue and some ladies would be begging to get arrested. If the producers from the show would listen to us, they could make their ratings skyrocket!

Corporal Pollitt was a good sport through it all. He was approached by several Shreveport residents asking him when he was going to star on the hit ABC show. He was even getting stopped at the post office! So today, he came to our radio station to finally addressed the rumors we started. No, he will not be the next "Bachelor". Why? Well first off he was never approached by ABC, their loss, seriously they messed up. Second, he is in a happy relationship. GASP! (That's the sound of women crying all over Shreveport-Bossier) Corporal Pollitt admits his girlfriend found the quest to put him on 'The Bachelor' humorous, but she's the only one getting a rose from him these days.

We wish you love and happiness Corporal Pollitt. (And yes, we reserve the right to be bitter.)

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