Local 4th grade teacher at Kingston Elementary, Jena Johnston, has gained quite a following for her hilarious Bachelor recaps. Sadly, she wasn't feeling well last night so she didn't post her weekly video, but her thoughts on the show are still pretty darn funny!

If you haven't seen one of Jena's videos, here's an example from last week!

Alright, now on to the recap:

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was eventful to say the least! Nick sent home HALF of the remaining women, count ‘em, he sent home SIX! One of the women sent home included our one and only contestant from Louisiana.

Jaimi, the chef from New Orleans, Josephine, the unemployed nurse and Alexis, the would be dolphin trainer, went home during the rose ceremony. The remaining women were then whisked off to St. Thomas where there was a really uncomfortable group volleyball date. Jasmine was sent home during the group date when she wigged out and confronted Nick talking about choking him and not getting enough time with him.

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