I'm about to be in a wedding and if the bride-to-be were to ask me to place a bid to be in her wedding party, I'd laugh so hard I'd fall out of my chair. As a bridesmaid you're going to pay the usual stuff like a bridesmaids dress, hair makeup and maybe a couple of other small ticket items here and there. I never thought about adding to my bridesmaid budget just so I could bid to be in the wedding. The thought of it sounds ridiculous don't you think? Well according to a Reddit  there is a type of Bridezilla out there so unique, I think she needs to be called the Greedyness Monster instead. The Reddit user claims her sister has started an auction for all her potential bridesmaids to bid, and win a place in the wedding party. The bride-to-be is planning on using the funds collected by the six potential bridesmaids to fund her wedding and honeymoon. Some folks on Reddit have expressed that it may be a good idea or a new tradition to look into.

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