Last year I was asked to be apart of one of my closest friends wedding. I was excited to be apart of her day, but another part of me was nervous about spending a lot of money. The wedding is next month and so far I haven't spent that much money at all. I have paid for my dress and the alterations and gifts, but nothing extreme like this one story that is making it's way around social media.

According to the message that this bride posted on Facebook, "Susan" was asking each of her guests to give her $1,500 for her "blow out wedding" in Aruba. When she sent out her RSVPs she only got 8 back that were accompanied with checks. That is when she called off the wedding.

I am surprised that she got 8 back! Her maid of honor was going to give her 5,000! And then her in laws were going to give her $3,000. They then back out of their "promised money". From what I can tell in the post from Susan, the anger that was swirling inside of her started to rub off on to her relationship because through out the post she refers to her fiance as her ex.

Also in the post she tells everyone that she will be leaving Facebook and backpacking through South America to focus on herself. If you enjoy hearing gossip then you need to read this post.

After reading about this story I am so happy that my close friend who is getting married next month isn't like this.

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