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They should have to add a disclaimer to the "Welcome to Louisiana" sign on the borders of Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi!

That disclaimer should read: Welcome to Louisiana...where our state bird is the mosquito, where the weather can go through all four seasons in one afternoon, where a red dirt road is actually a smoother drive than the interstate and where Tony Chachere rules the roost.

Of course, to people from other states, we might be a little off the beaten path. We suck heads and pinch tails, have hurricane parties and all the clothes we own are purple and gold.

But would you have it any other way? I asked my Facebook friends to fill in the blank for me. "You know you're from Louisiana when _______" and the responses I got were hysterical! Course, with some of them, you have to be from Louisiana to actually understand what they mean.

  • You know you’re from Louisiana when you get more excited to see the mosquito truck than the ice cream truck

  • You know you’re from Louisiana when, no matter where else you go in the world, you’re always disappointed in the food
  • You know you’re from Louisiana when your summer electric bill is higher than your house note
  • You know you’re from Louisiana when you have to reset all the clocks in your house after every thunderstorm
  • You know you’re from Louisiana when you know that the true value of a parking spot isn’t determined by the distance to the door, but by the availability of shade

Course, if you are from Louisiana, you'll be able to relate to and laugh along with these. It's the "Best You Know You're From Louisiana When Quotes"

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