Honestly, most of us who travel Bellevue Road, or at least make the attempt, never thought we'd see this sign this morning.  The southbound lane was closed April 9 and was supposed to re-open on Monday, April 16.  Construction crews didn't quite make that deadline and the date on the flashing sign was changed to April 17.  Of course, speculation swept all through Dogwood, Stockwell and most of the Haughton area, that they'd never make this deadline either, and even when it re-opened they'd just shut it down again to work on the northbound side.  Well, as I passed by at 4:30am Wednesday, April 18, I almost cried as I saw that sign and actually don't believe they'll have to close it down again.  Though construction continues, and completion isn't scheduled until this Fall, the southbound lane of Bellevue Road is NOW OPEN!

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