Just when you think you have heard it all, along comes the story of Marcus Hubbard, who is currently being sought by the Port Arthur Texas Police Department.

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Port Arthur Police took to their Facebook page to highlight security video of a man allegedly burglarizing a residential building. Police state that the crime occurred on the evening of April 1, but after unsuccessful attempts to locate the man in question, they are seeking the public's help in locating the accused thief.

Still photo from Facebook video by Port Arthur Police Department
Still photo from Facebook video by Port Arthur Police Department

Police state the man in the video is indeed Marcus Hubbard, who is accused of removing property from within the building without the owners' consent.

The Property They Mention Is A Lawnmower And Not A Riding Mower

The video makes it perfectly obvious that the "property" described by police is a lawnmower. It's not even an expensive riding lawnmower. It's just a regular, run of the mill push mower. The killing part to me is that the thief actually moves a bicycle out of the way that was probably a lot more valuable than his actual target.

So, what makes this story so bizarre is what comes next in the video.

He Did What? This Is Next Level Nuts

Before officers arrived on scene, the thief actually took the time to mow the victims' lawn. Both front and back. And this was obviously during the night hours with cars passing by.

Still photo from video by Port Arthur Police
Still photo from video by Port Arthur Police

When police showed up at the scene, Hubbard took off on foot, with the lawnmower in tow.

He then abandoned the lawnmower in an alley, assuming it what was slowing him down, and was able to avoid apprehension.

Just go HERE to see the full video for yourself.

Port Arthur Police state that Hubbard currently has an outstanding warrant for Burglary of a Building. If you know this suspect’s whereabouts or have any other information on this or any other crime, call Port Arthur Police at 409-983-8600 or Crime Stoppers of SETX at 409-833-TIPS (8477).

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