No doubt Les Miles and LSU fans everywhere (including this one) got a little giggle out of this.  Bama broke it's National Championship Trophy over the weekend...

It's small consolation for LSU fans after being trounced by the Crimson Tide and Coach Saban in the BCS Championship, but all Bama has to show for their efforts now is some shards of crystal.  Alabama's $30,000 BCS trophy, known as The Coaches Trophy, shattered into little pieces this weekend when a player's father tripped on a rug and knocked over the display table.

No word on which player's father did the damage.

This isn't the first time a BCS trophy has been broken.  Back in 2008, Florida's 2006 BCS National Championship trophy was knocked over and shattered outside of Urban Meyer's office by then recruit Orson Charles.  Charles eventually signed with Georgia over Florida.  I don't blame him.

Apparently the trophy will be replaced as it has been insured.

Geaux Tigers!


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