In a few weeks, it will be time to once again reset all of the clocks and timepieces in our life that aren't connected to the internet.  Traditionally, the second Sunday in March is when we observe the "Spring Forward" portion of Daylight Saving Time.  This is when we turn our clocks forward one hour so the Easter Bunny has extra time to see his shadow or something.

At least some of the fine and upstanding citizens from the state of Arkansas have had enough of these shenanigans.  If House Bill 1368 makes its way through the legal channels, it will officially make the Natural State the third in the nation to do away with Daylight Saving Time.  Opponents of the time change claim that the plan set forth by the government to save fuel in World War I is "outdated" and "stupid."  Currently, Hawaii and Arizona are the only states to turn their noses up at the notion that the federal government can tell them what to do with their clocks.

Arkansas is not struggling to break free of these time laws alone, the Baxter Bulletin reports that since last March sixteen states were in the process of adopting similar legislation.  However, until a federal law is amended these changes can not take place legally.

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