I spend more time than I should on TikTok. Most of the time it makes me laugh and feel happy but I recently stumbled upon a video that made my heart sink. Are we mistreating fast-food workers in our community? You've seen the viral stories of people working the drive-through getting drinks or food chucked at them by angry customers. Surely that isn't happening here in Shreveport-Bossier right?

Although I have not worked in a fast-food restaurant before I have worked in restaurants, there is nothing worse than being short-staffed at work all while having loads of people come through the door. It's overwhelming, the worst part is most people don't understand that being short-staffed is something out of the people's control who actually showed up to work. The people who show up to work get horrid treatment from many customers instead of patience. So what happens in the restaurant world when places are understaffed? Long wait times and in many cases no tips for servers who are trying their best.

It looks like one McDonald's worker had enough of being treated badly by customers, so they put out a sign that was called "savage" by the woman who uploaded the video to TikTok. The sign reads "We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did show up. No one wants to work anymore."

Have you noticed an above-average wait time when you drive up to get fast food lately? I've seen several posts on my Facebook feed complaining about fast-food workers and how they messed up and order and yet they demand $15 an hour. Keep in mind many people that commented on the video suggested that people could make more money getting unemployment checks than working at a fast-food joint. This is why so many people are just not showing up to work.

I spoke to a friend of mine who manages a fast-food restaurant in town and she claims that the issue they're having is limited staff and most of their staff just refusing to show up. She told me "Why would someone leave the comfort of their couch to go work a fast-paced job when they know they could live off the government?".

Please remember to be kind to those who show up to work. Let's not let our community fail each other. We are all human, we are all trying our best, be kind to a fast-food worker today.

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