I'm not a huge fan of fast food, but on occasion I have a craving for the double meat Whataburger, or one that's not even on the menu at McDonald's. I love the Spicy McChicken sandwich, but I always ask them to put Mac Sauce on it, as in the sauce from the Big Mac.

Not sure why, but that sweet sauce and the spicy chicken just compliment each other perfectly. Because this is something I kind of created myself, I was really curious to see how many other items are offered by fast food restaurants that no one ever seems to order.

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It's been several years ago, but the website Reddit asked this question of its readers:

Fast food employees, what is the best thing on your restaurant's menu that no one ever orders?

Some of the responses they got seem like incredible ideas. In fact, so good that it's really surprising that no one ever orders these things.

Some of the best ones we found include:

  • The Popeye's Apple Pie - According to the respondent it's deep fried just like the ones we used to get from McDonald's
  • The McDonald's Chicken and Waffles - This person says to be sure and order the southern style chicken and ask for it on McGriddle bread instead of a biscuit
  • Little Caesar's Pizza - The former employee says to order the Italian cheese bread with garlic cream cheese dipping sauce
  • Cup of Melted Cheese - From either Wendy's or Arby's - use it to dip your fries or chicken nuggets in
  • At Subway, when you order a tuna sandwich, dare to be different and it could change your life. Ask for it to include bacon. The writer says it is amazing

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