We live in a world where our medical bills in America astonish other countries. If you spend any time on TikTok you'll see some videos of people in Canada and Europe reacting to our medical bills. If you ask me, that's a very sad form of entertainment. Could it be that our medical debt is a serious issue because we refuse to dispute or challenge a medical bill?

Lending Tree just released some information that has us all regretting past mistakes when it comes to our medical bills. What Lending Tree discovered was that if you opt for challenging a medical bill, you'll probably walk away victorious and with more cash in your pocket.

The article posted by Lending Tree explained that almost 40% of Americans are currently dealing with medical bills, in many cases, those bills total out to over $20,000. What if we all started to ask for specific things to be removed from the bill?

The article went on to explain that 75% of the people they polled attempted to lower their medical bills. What was the result? "When you attempt to negotiate your medical bills, there’s really nothing to lose — the vast majority of those who tried to negotiate were at least partially successful." 93% of people who have made it a mission to get their bills lowered have succeeded, so why aren't we all doing this?

We have all had emergencies come up, we shouldn't get stuck with crippling debt. Shreveport-Bossier, it is time that we all ask for change when it comes to debt and our medical bills. Simply asking for things to get kicked off your bill could save you thousands.


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