Truth be told, we should all be able to boast that we are the hardest working person we know.

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However, a new study shows that is just simply not the truth. In fact, this study from supports the fact that those people from Texas work extremely hard for a living.  In fact, there are only five states whose citizens work harder than those from the Lone Star state.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Conversely, those living in New Mexico are evidently living the life of luxury as they are considered the least hardest workers in the country.

What Variables Were Used In This Study?

Using a total of ten key metrics including average work week hours, average commute time, share of workers with multiple jobs, annual volunteer hours per resident and the share of workers leaving vacation time unused, WalletHub was able to determine that the hardest working people in the country are those who live in North Dakota.

Drew Angerer, Getty Images
Drew Angerer, Getty Images

And for Texans who believe they give 100% each and every day, this study supports that notion, as Texas is considered the sixth hardest working state in America.

So, Texans Work Really Hard, But How Did Louisiana Fare?

For those living in Louisiana, it would appear we really need to step up our game as Louisiana finishes in 20th place.  It's nice to see that we are in the upper half of these findings, but most would consider this finish somewhat a slap in the face.

Below are the Top 25 Hardest Working People as determined by WalletHub.

  1. North Dakota
  2. Alaska
  3. South Dakota
  4. Nebraska
  5. Wyoming
  6. Texas
  7. Virginia
  8. Colorado
  9. Kansas
  10. Hawaii
  11. Maryland
  12. Iowa
  13. Georgia
  14. Oklahoma
  15. New Hampshire
  16. Tennessee
  17. Idaho
  18. Missouri
  19. Mississippi
  20. Louisiana
  21. Alabama
  22. Indiana
  23. Minnesota
  24. Montana
  25. Maine

To see the complete results of this research and the findings for all states, just go to

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