Okay, it's a fact.  We here in North Louisiana dance to a different beat than the rest of the world.  We love our Momma, we go to church, we like to hunt and fish, love football and we really don't mind laughing at ourselves.

With that in mind, I thought it would be awesome to point out those times you said, "Only in North Louisiana."

  • Remember when Lake Bistineau caught on fire?  The whole lake bed burned for months.  So, only in North Louisiana can your lake catch on fire.
  • If you're familiar with Blanchard, then you're certainly familiar with the railroad tracks that run right next to the baseball fields.  Every time a train comes by, every kid drops their jaw, drops their glove and goes completely brain dead.  So, only in North Louisiana do the referees have to call off the baseball game til the train passes by.
  • We all know just how much we love our crawfish around these parts.  So, only in North Louisiana would a person pass up a ribeye steak for a beer box full of boiled mudbugs.
  • If you spent much time in the 90's and early 2000's, you definitely know who "Disco Dale" is.  So, only in North Louisiana is a guy named "Disco Dale" more famous than any politician
  • Any good redneck around these parts has spent some time at Muddy Bottoms playing in the mud.  So, only in North Louisiana would someone spend $25,000 on a toy that will go straight to the mud and need another $2,000 worth of repairs the weekend it's purchased
  • Only in North Louisiana would there be a baseball team called "The Swamp Dragons"
  • Only in North Louisiana would the refurbishing of a badly damaged bridge be halted because there's a group of barn swallows nesting under it
  • And last but not least; Only in North Louisiana can you have a 1,000 year flood and a drought within the same year

Got some more you can add to the list?  Feel free to comment with your ideas.

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