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What are the odds of 35 sets of twins graduating from the same school district in the same year?  Astronomical, right?  That's absolutely correct, but this kind of freak occurrence is not unprecedented.

According to a report from the Today Show, a couple of high schools in the same district just south west of Dallas are preparing for double duty due to an astonishing amount of twins (both identical and fraternal) this spring.  Just imagine the frustration that teachers in this area have dealt with over the last 12 years!  It must've been maddening - mixing up names, assignments, class photos, and don't get me started on taking attendance.

Some of these dynamic-duos will be taking the show on the road when they travel to college together, like 17-year-old identical twins Keaton and Avery.  The pair are seniors at Mansfield High School set to walk across the stage this spring together, then the sisters will be roommates at the University of Texas this fall.

Others will be splitting up for the first time in their lives.  Lake Ridge High School seniors Anthony and Angela Morka will basically divide and conquer.  Anthony is going to the University of Houston, while his sister will be heading to Yale - putting the pair roughly 1,700 miles apart.

As strange as this might sound, 35 sets of twins isn't the record!  That belongs to New Trier High School in Illinois, who were teaching an amazing 44 sets and one set of triplets in its sophomore class.

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