The time of year where we all scramble and try and figure out a way to make our budget work. It seems like every year our Christmas buying list gets longer and longer. I had a friend tell me she was on a cleaning binge to go sell a bunch of her stuff and make some Christmas money. My boyfriend puts Christmas lights up on houses and he helps bring the Christmas cheer to his neighborhood, all while he puts some money in his pocket. Here are some easy things you can do to put some extra Christmas money in your pocket!

1. Donate Plasma. Well you're not really donating, you're selling it, but you're saving lives!

2. Sell unwanted gift cards on

3. Sell old toys and clothes. You can either walk into a second hand shop, or you can use the letgo app.

4.Sell old furniture. My friend Adri has a business where she restores old furniture, from cribs to kitchen tables. She pays people cash for old furniture sitting in their garage. Sell your old furniture to the Adri's of the world. Don't get mad when you see your old piece of furniture for sale all done up and three times the price.

5. Bake for your friends. I can't be the only one who can't bake. If you are the baker of your friends offer to bake an extra pie or seven and that pie that cost you $5 to make, sell it to your friend for $20.

6. Dog sit. A lot of people are leaving town and they don't have a place for their fur babies. That is where you come in! You can use and instantly help dog parents feel better and get free dog kisses!

7. Decorate for CASH. I heard of a lady who hires people every year to come to her house and help her decorate for the holidays. She then pays the same people to come and help her put everything up. Put that Facebook offer out there, hopefully the offers come rolling in!

8. Stand in line for someone. My friend Sam used to stand in line for people whenever a new iPhone would come out, she would make a killing and we would all jsut be sitting there, broke, hoping we thought of it. Take that idea and use it for Black Friday sales. No one wants to miss a family get together, but you're willing to.

9. House sit. Some folks hate leaving town and leaving their plants, cats, dog etc back home.

10. Facebook Post Worthy! Just put it out there, "I am hoping to make some extra cash before Christmas, I can clean the house or the yard. If you're needing to finish up some weekend projects around the house before your family invades call me. I am extremely affordable!" You will be so surprised as to how many people are bound to be in a pickle and will desperately need your help.

If you have any ideas you want to share with us, throw them our way. Comment below!


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