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What are the top responses you hear at the office when you ask a co-worker how they're doing? We surveyed Shreveport-Bossier and got some interesting responses.

Of course, you always have that one co-worker that thinks you want to hear all about their latest trials and tribulations like their bunions, but most will just fire off a pat response. Just in case you were wondering, if you're one of those people, most of us will skip our morning coffee to avoid that conversation. My personal favorite of all time is something the late Danny Fox used to say... Finer than frog hair split four ways! Check out our top ten favorites!

Liz Pittman
Pushing grass down and not up

Daniel Baham
when I'm asked my answer... "never been better and had less in my whole dang life"

Tyrone Larkins
Blessed and Highly Favored!!

Charles Brakeville
"Just like wiping you're rear on a wagon wheel, it just keeps coming around!"

Mark Bailey
Better than Viagra!

Patrick Gallagher
Better than anyone else you know

Loren T. Elwell
Only 360 months till retirement!!!

Enrique Aron Velasquez
No hablo Ingles

Jeremy Morris
If I was any better I’d be twins.

Richard McBroom
Like socks on a rooster

Finer than frog hair split four ways! Whatcha got?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Thursday, April 22, 2021

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