Alright Holiday in Dixie Treasure hunters, we're starting to get into the meat of the clues now.  Good luck in your search for the $1500.  Below is the fifth clue, which is our latest, followed by the first four clues!

Clue #5: When looking for money a good color is green.  No need to climb up, look under or between.

And now the first four clues.

Clue #1: Go hunt for the treasure in public you'll be.  Don't dig or destroy-it's easy to see.   Be cautious, respectful of all property and soon the winner of $1,500 you will be.

Clue # 2: One parish is smaller but the larger had the first rigs. Why hide the needle in the needle in the haystack, when the other's so big.

Clue #3:  A company town offered promise and riches. For those who'd work hard and pull up their britches.

Clue #4: What started out rural quickly transformed to suburban. But given enough time is now likely urban.