It's time to show the rest of the world just how we party in the South!!!  It's Holiday in Dixie time here in Shreveport and for the next 10 days, the rest of the world will marvel at just how great our lives are here in NWLA!

The Holiday in Dixie Classic Carnival begins today, April 15, and will run through next Sunday, April 24 at Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport.

FREE ADMISSION to the festival and unlimited ride passes are available each day for $23 to $25.  Awesome food vendors and some of the best live entertainment in the South including the Casey Martin Band, Matthew Davidson, Buddy Flett and Pocket Change.

Course, the highlight is the HID parade which will start tomorrow, Saturday, April 16 at 5:30 pm and according to Holiday in Dixie officials:

The Classic Parade, with a Doodah component, is joining together again with SRAC's UNSCENE, and The Texas Street Maker's Fair to bring "The Big Scene" back to downtown, and for the first time this year, SciPort Discovery joins “The Big Scene”.

For a complete music schedule and festival hours, go to