I never knew I would struggle with not being able to see my friends or family members. You hear it often that "you never know what you have until it's gone", well guess what? They're absolutely right. I miss my family and friends from Texas so much. I had a weird feeling of loneliness come over me Sunday night. Could I be getting depressed? Since when does missing my crew make me so emotional?

March has felt like the longest month ever. Knowing we have 30 more days of needing to "shelter in place" has my anxiety through the roof. When will I see my friends and family again?

Luckily I have the most wonderful group of misfits that decided we all needed to have a Zoom happy hour call to check in on each other. Who would have thought that a 45-minute zoom call could lift my spirits so much?

The call ended but my heart was full. It's different from a phone call. You get to see everyone and it almost feels like you're all gathered around a table. If you know that a friend or family member is struggling during this time or they live alone, please instigate a Zoom call.

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