We are on a mission to cook 3 different Louisiana Rice recipes. Those recipes are all coming from your kitchen. One of the 3 recipes submitted will earn the person who submitted that recipe an amazing prize. That rice recipe could get you $250 in free groceries, plus an awesome gift basket from Tubbs Cajun Gifts filled with Louisiana Rice products. Here is what you need to do, submit your recipe, and remember your recipe MUST contain Louisiana rice. Whether it's the perfect recipe for a tailgate party or a delicious main dish your family loves to eat. Send your recipe our way! We already have Tela Smith in the running for the grand prize because of her delicious sausage and Louisiana Rice eggrolls. You could be next!

Submit your recipe in the form below. Good luck from Louisiana Rice and Kiss Country! Read up on the rules below, and dig for that recipe wherever you may have it.

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