Carly Pearce is probably one of the most underrated female country singers. Since the first time I heard her music, I have been hooked. Everything in me wants to hate Carly Pearce. She's tall, completely gorgeous, blonde,  has perfect skin, her make up is perfect, her outfits fit like they were made for her, basically everything I am not. The worst part is she is one of the sweetest souls out there, so there I am all obsessed with her. Not only am I a super fan of her music, I can't get enough of her with her social media and her love for her fans.

Carly Pearce took country radio by storm and had us all swooning over her when she released "Every Little Thing". The hard working lady in country music is planning on making us fall in love with her all over again with a song many of us can relate to "Hide the Wine".

Carly, keep slaying the country music game sister!

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