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We have missed a lot over the last 12 months.  Countless concerts, festivals, private events, and more had to be rescheduled or outright cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic - and to put it lightly, that sucks.  The silver lining now is the growing number of events making plans for 2021, and boy are they making up for lost time.  Take the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) for example.  These guys got so excited, they decided to kick off the 2022 wildlife art search this year!

The grand prize is the honor of providing the image for the very limited and collectible Louisiana Waterfowl Conservation Stamp for 2022 (a collectible postage stamp) - but if you want a shot at the glory on this one, you'd better know your ducks.  You see, this is an art contest with a very specific set of requirements.  You've got to distill the essence of a very particular duck, as per the parameters of the Louisiana Duck Stamp competition.  The duck of the year for this competition (next year's stamp) is the "fulvous whistling duck."

This orange-brown duck sports a striking, blueish grey bill and feet and a distinctive white "V" on it's back.  The competition will be, of course, to see which artist can capture the spirit of this beautiful creature in it's natural habitat.

If you are an artist that can nail this beautiful blue-bill, or know someone who is a duck-painting master - make sure you get the art, a signed and notarized artist's agreement, $50 for the entry fee in between Oct. 18th and Oct. 26th of this year.

According to KADN, the art will be judged on the following categories:

1. Accuracy of form, size, proportion, color and posture.
2. Level and accuracy of detail in all aspects of the waterfowl.
3. Appropriateness, accuracy and detail in depiction of the habitat.
4. Attractiveness and creativity in composition, subject, background and lighting.
5. Suitability for reproduction as stamps and prints.

You can get the forms, rules, and more here.

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