There's nothing to do around here. How often have you heard that and thought to yourself, "There's plenty to do. You just have to get out and do it?"

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From fishing and all types of other water sports, to hiking, bicycling, a trampoline center, great dining, churches, public lands for bird watching or hunting, you name it, Louisiana is loaded with "something to do."

However, something that gets over looked is actual amount of culture that Louisiana affords its residents and tourists.

Ever visited the aquarium in New Orleans or the zoos in Monroe or Alexandria? Maybe the Norton Art Gallery or the Shreveport Rose Center? Still haven't peaked your interest?

What about one of Louisiana's thirteen weirdest and most unique museums?

Oh yeah, we are loaded with museums, and weird for that matter.

From Mardi Gras to infamous bank robbers, death to voodoo, world renown hot sauce to doll house collections and creations from cypress swamp driftwood, Louisiana is a plethora of incredibly jaw dropping art.

Just take a little stroll with us through some of these amazing places and if we hit the end of the tour and you still haven't found anything that strikes your fancy, then I'd have to agree. Yes, you need to move to some place like Iowa or North Dakota.

At least then, you'll be bored with good reason, as there really isn't anything to do around there.

See what you think about these: Louisiana's 13 Weirdest & Most Unique Museums.

Louisiana's 13 Weirdest & Most Unique Museums

From Mardi Gras collections to infamous bank robbers, from world renown hot sauce, to death, voodoo and creations from cypress swamp driftwood, Louisiana is a plethora of incredibly jaw dropping art and you'll see it all at these weird and unique museums.

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