The scale will set my mood for the day. If I am eating clean or working out I automatically expect the scale to start dropping weight. Every night after my work out I have a pantry war. I open my pantry hoping that I will find some chocolate goodness that has no sugar and I can scoop it from a jar while I Netflix until I fall asleep. The reality is I drink water until I realize I was just thirsty. I promised I would be open and honest with you since we are in this radio relationship and all. Barbell Butterfly has been great, however the struggle to lose weight is real.

Krystal Montez

When Lynn Cofield told my Barbell Butterfly team we were having a scale smashing party my first thought was "Is this woman crazy? How will I know if what I am doing is working? I need proof from my scale." I have lost 10 pounds since I started the program, but in the last couple weeks I have plateaued and anyone who has struggled with weight loss can understand the frustration.

Krystal Montez

We all showed up and got a pink bat and smashed scales. It may sound crazy, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't therapeutic. Lynn explained that she went from a  size 10 to 4 and had only lost 6 pounds. Reminding us that we aren't a number. Guess who isn't weighing in for the next six months? THIS GIRL! If you're weighing in often, and feel discouraged every time you step on a scale, do yourself a favor. SMASH THAT SCALE. The discouragement goes away, instead you stay focused towards your goals!

Much love from your chunky friend who has goals,