I know, I know.  The first "official" day of Spring 2016 doesn't come until March 20, but let's face it. With the weather we've had for the last couple of weeks, Spring came in mid February.

And how do you know it's Springtime in Louisiana?


Well, I've listed a few ways.  Feel free to add to the list if you think of something that didn't occur to me.

  • Your weekend plans are determined by the price of crawfish
  • Speaking of crawfish.  All of them have moved to your backyard and made their little mud motels all over
  • Most conversations are all about the type of antihistamine you're using this year
  • All cars are painted in that wonderful "pollen drab" color
  • The gutters on your house are full of those little wormy looking pollen things that fell off your oak tree
  • The mosquitoes are so big, you're afraid they could haul off a small child
  • The rain has your grass over a foot tall.  But it's still way too wet to mow
  • You might forget your cell phone at home, but you'd never leave the house without your umbrella
  • That crackling sound under your feet as you walk on all the dead June bugs and crickets
  • Your eyes are red, you've got a snotty nose, and your head feels like it's as big as a basketball.  But you'll just live with it because the only thing worse is the waiting room at the doctor
  • You never noticed just how much you HATE pine trees
  • You'd rather just buy the kids new shoes than try to wash all the mud out of the old ones
  • Explaining to the children they can't go swimming until the pool isn't "green" anymore
  • There's enough mud on your kitchen floor to plant tomatoes
  • Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Which pair of flip flops to wear today?
  • A woman's biggest weekly expense is her pedicure

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