Hey gang, it's Gary McCoy and this morning Tracy Turner and I kept being reminded just how much of a "Monday" it really is.  Seemed like everything was going wrong...from cars bursting into flames in downtown Shreveport to the attached music video.  So, we decided to list several things that let you know "It's A Monday When...".  Course, the list isn't complete so feel free to add your comments.You Know It's A Monday When

  • You wake up to The Weather Channel filming the storm in your front yard
  • You pick up the baby to kiss her goodbye...and she throws up on you
  • You're blocking the intersection of Spring and Lake in downtown Shreveport because your car has burst into flames
  • You wake up on a plastic raft in the middle of your swimming pool
  • Bad Day Alligator

    And for the truly brave at heart, you know it's a Monday when one of your closest friends sends you a link to watch the video below.  WARNING - THIS VIDEO MIGHT CAUSE BLEEDING OF THE EARS.  It will most certainly scar you for life, so unless you're willing to whistle "Yankee Doodle" for the rest of the day just so this thing doesn't creep back in your head, DO NOT WATCH IT.  But if you must, it will certainly complete this Monday.

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