This past weekend Haydel's Game Calls partnered with the Wounder Warrior project to host a deer hunting event for six soldiers. These brave soldiers arrived at Barksdale Airforce Base Friday and stayed til Monday. Volunteers assisted them with everything and donations covered all the costs….well, most of the costs.  Kelly Haydel of Haydel's Game Calls says "the hunt was a huge success! It came down to the wire on Sunday afternoon.  Nobody had fired a shot until that afternoon 30 minutes before dark.  Oh, and one of the fellas got a Tirdy point buck! Minus 27 points that is. 6 hunters ended up with 6 deer and 1 hog. Now we just gotta get the meat to em.   Donations are needed to cover the cost of shipping their game to their respective homes, so please help to put the finishing touches on this incredible venture for some of America's finest and make a donation of any amount at  any branch of Barksdale Federal Credit Union EOD Wounded Warrior Account or online at

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