According to the Good News Network, the World Health Organization is encouraging governments all over the world to take a stand against trans fat. Their goal is to have the entire world on board to remove trans fats from our diet by 2023.

According to the post from NowThis, which you can see in the twitter post above, 500,000 people die from heart disease every year from eating too many trans fats. They also mention that trans fats can be easily replaced with oils. I prefer olive oil and coconut oil, but that is just me.

This could be a great thing for folks all over the world, and especially Louisiana. Since Louisiana is considered one of the fattest state in the country, according to State of Obesity. Wallet Hub even said that Shreveport-Bossier City is the second fattest city in the U.S.

However, you can see trans fats in tons of food that we eat every day. Anything that is fried or sugary baked goods will most likely have trans fats in them. Within the next five years there is a possibility that there will be a ban of trans fats all over the world.

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