Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

My favorite machine at the gym will forever be the vending machine!

One thing is for sure, people take pride in where they work out. With so many places in the SBC to work out where should you go? Do you simply pick the cheapest place to work out and hope that it magically helps you reach your goals? Is it best to hire a trainer and do the work outs in your apartment complex? What are the pros and cons of work out classes? Do gyms charge you extra to participate in classes? Yes, these are all the questions I am facing right now. The holiday weight is bound to come, so where is everyone in the SBC planning on going to drop all the unwanted holiday pounds?

The whole "New year new me" gym selfies are about to drop. Before they do, where is everyone working out these days and seeing results? Comment with where you work out below. If you train with a certain trainer be sure to tag them too!

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