67-Year-Old Katherine "Kay" Byrd is described as a kind and thoughtful person, full of energy, and a devoted wife and mother. Kay's life is now forever changed after a severe beating authorities say she received at the hands of her own son.

Byrd's son, 37-year-old John Byrd, is now behind bars after he allegedly went into a psychotic rage and stomped his mothers head until she was unconscious. According to sources close to the family, John, who is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, had a complete mental breakdown after seven days without medication or sleep. After a failed attempt to have him committed to a hospital in Phoenix, AZ, John returned to his parents' home where he finally snapped. His father, 68-year-old Thomas Byrd, was also attacked, but only sustained minor injuries. He has since been treated and released from the hospital. His wife was not so lucky.

Kay Byrd is now in the ICU of a local hospital clinging to life. Her prognosis since her severe beating has been anywhere from grim to hopeful, and if she does make a recovery, it will be a long hard one for her and the family.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for her hospital and re-occurring expenses to help her family while she recovers. Click the link to help.

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