Why wait for the official start of Spring, which is March 20th (17 days from now) when its already 73 degrees at 5 o'clock in the morning and in the 80s during the afternoons? It MUST be time to start planting your rose garden.

Rose bushes

Roses are a beautiful and fragrant, but special precaution must be taken when planting these delicate posies. If planted the right way, you will enjoy watching them bloom year after year.

So, I have tips for how to plant some great looking roses this year:

First, what you'll need: rose bush, shovel or spade, peat moss or compost material, sand (if necessary), hand pruner, top soil, water, pruning paint, and loose soil.

Step # 1: Plant your rose bushes in an area that receives a minimum of six hours of sunshine each day. Dig the hole for planting large enough to give the roots plenty of room.

Step #2: Examine the roots carefully after the plant is placed in the hole. Trim back dead or broken roots with a hand pruner.

Step #3: Use top soil to form a cone in the bottom of the hole where the rose bush is to be planted. Spread the rose roots evenly over this cone. Again, make sure the hole is large enough to provide adequate room for all rose roots.

Step #4: Set the rose bush at the proper depth. Most healthy rose bushes have three strong shoots coming up from the root system. Cover the knot just below these three shoots to a depth of 1".

Step #5: Pack the soil firmly around the roots of the rose bush. Fill the hole with water and allow it to soak in. Then, refill the hole again.

Step #6: Prune the rose bush after planting. Prune hybrid tea roses back to lengths of about 6" to 8". Trim floribundas to lengths of approximately 4" to 6". Spray all pruned areas with a special pruning paint to prevent damage from insects and disease.

Check out this website for more tips on planting roses:


There still may be a freeze before the official first day of spring, but your rose bushes should be able to handle it.

Happy planting, and enjoy the springtime aroma of those beautiful roses. Send us a picture when they bloom and we'll post it on our website!

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