Yesterday, while walking into the backyard here at the Townsquare Media building in West Shreveport, I did a double-take.

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Is that Bartlett pear tree already blooming? No, it couldn't be. Our morning low was in the really low 30's Monday morning. Those can't be blooms; it's some type of optical illusion.

Those were my thoughts, so being naturally curious, I had to get closer for inspection.

Gary McCoy - TSM
Gary McCoy - TSM

Well, I'll be. Yes, those are real bonified blooms.  It's only mid-February and these trees are already blooming!  Does that mean they know something that we don't know in regards to the cold weather?

Though I was able to spot several breeds of trees that were already beginning to bloom, I had to find out if these types just bloom earlier than others and browsing through an article from, I did learn that indeed, some trees do green up quicker than others.

...redbuds, wild plums, crabapples, flowering cherries, and Japanese magnolias start blooming in January and February. Formosan cherry tree is typically the first of them all. Later in the colder months the dogwoods, Walter viburnum, peach trees, apple trees, and fringe trees also begin to flourish.

Gary McCoy - TSM
Gary McCoy - TSM

But is it just their "breed" that's bringing on these early blooms?

One look at the Accuweather long-range forecast and as it stands now, you won't see anything that resembles "winter weather."  Through March they're forecasting most daily highs in the mid to upper 70's and very few mornings with lower temps than the mid-40's and none of those lower than 42.

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I don't know your definition of "Spring" but I'm thinking we have arrived.  And maybe these trees really did know something we didn't know.

Just look at these 7 Sure Signs It's Spring In Louisiana" and see if they don't start popping up more each day.

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