I have a newfound love for my patio. It all started when I was bored out of my mind the first week of our Shelter in Place Order. I went to the hardware store to find toilet paper, you remember when everyone was hoarding toilet paper? I found myself in the garden section and that's when my obsession with plants started.

I decided to start a salsa garden. I have tomatoes of all kinds, I have serranos, jalapenos, poblanos, and every herb you can think of. I have a few chairs and that's about it. I have started spending a lot of time on my patio with my dog. I put one of her dog beds on a chair and we sit and watch everyone walk by.

Krystal Montez

My patio is more of an eyesore right now, that's where you come in. What cute things can I add to my patio to make it feel like a fun hangout spot and not like an abandoned corner with plants and chairs?

Calling all my Fengshui friends, if you have any advice decorating a patio I am all ears. Please give me all your cute patio decorating ideas.